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TENIOS - communication applications

TENIOS cloud communications is a powerful platform built specifically for business communication applications in a pure cloud and IP environment. TENIOS cloud combines all the standard services found in a typical communications system with the latest enterprise-grade features and wraps it all up in one highly scalable and easily accessible platform for real-time audio / video communications.

You can set-up your applications with few clicks or lines of code in our TENIOS cloud communications environment. TEVOX makes it simple to build your routing and number application for real-time communications by using the web technology you already know or via our drag-and-drop web portal.

geographical, virtual and freephone numbers in more than 125 countries.

Build your own applications that make and receive phone calls. Integrate and control them via API with your platforms.

Use various IVR applications to integrate announcements, DTMF, voice mails and other call blocks within your call-routing.

Control your calls in real-time via multiple analysis tools. Feed your applications with call records via our API interface.

Real-time communication from your browser anytime, anywhere without any plugins or software downloads.

TENIOS freephone service

Hotlines, support, order services, information retrieval or marketing campaigns are the ideal area of application for 0800 telephone numbers. With 0800 numbers, they are not only accessible under a single phone number, but also benefit from extensive services for the distribution, pre-qualification and rating of calls.


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geographic and freephone numbers for customer service

Service numbers are specific numbers that have been switched on the telephone network and do not have a geographic reference. These virtual call numbers are switched on the telephone network and forwarded to any locations as well as telephone connections from customers. These include Geonummern, national, freephone and shared cost numbers. As a provider of service numbers, tenios offers a variety of features at attractive conditions.