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freephone numbers

Freephone numbers for the direct access to your customers. tenios offers easy to remember numbers and best-in market prices.

IN-based geographic numbers

IN-based fixed-line numbers for your customer dialogue - available nationwide in Germany and in more than 100,000 cities worldwide.

Shared-Cost 0180

Shared-Cost numbers for your contact and customer dialogue. Benefit from promotional kick-backs for 0180-5/-6 calls.


The ideal solution for provision of high-quality information, individual consulting, games or entertainment services

new: SIP-trunks by tenios

TENIOS SIP-Trunk is optimally aligned to VoIP telephone systems. Transmission of the telephone calls takes place via the NGN (next generation netword) from tenios: secure, with high speed and in the best voice quality. Whether you want to terminate your existing ISDN connection, replace it, or use UCC solutions such as Skype for Business, you can use SIP trunking to connect your systems to the telephone network. The simple connection allows you to integrate additional sites at any time and extend your capacity as desired.


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geographic and freephone numbers for customer service

Service numbers are specific numbers that have been switched on the telephone network and do not have a geographic reference. These virtual call numbers are switched on the telephone network and forwarded to any locations as well as telephone connections from customers. These include Geonummern, national, freephone and shared cost numbers. As a provider of service numbers, tenios offers a variety of features at attractive conditions.