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Hotlines, support, ordering services, information retrieval or marketing campaigns are the ideal field of application for 0800 Austria telephone numbers. With 0800 numbers, they are not only accessible under a single phone number, but also benefit from extensive services for the distribution, pre-qualification and rating of calls.

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0800 Freephone Austria

0800 servicelines signal the highest degree of customer proximity and service orientation. Because by the free contact via 0800 you invite to the dialogue and generate thereby more customer contacts. Alternatively, you can request your own 0800 numbers at the Austrian regulator (RTR).

The 0800 Freephone service is free for the caller. You transfer the call charges for your callers to the 0800 number. We would be pleased to provide you with easily recognizable 0800 numbers from our pool within a very short time. Of course we will take over your existing numbers. Our porting service is free of charge.

  •    Price 0800-Freephone Austria
  •    set-up fee
    8,00 €
  •    monthly
    8,00 €
  •    call rate 0800-fixed
    0,045 € / min
  •    call rate 0800-mobile
    0,095 € / min
  •    termination rates
    SIP / VoIP        > 0,00 €
    DE fixed lines > 0,010
    AT fixed lines > 0,015 €
  •    advanced routing
  •    announcements /IVR-services
  •    online-reporting
  •    SIP-Trunking

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