service lines for premium services

Premium-Rate: 0900 Germany

0900 telephone numbers are ideal for providing high-quality information or entertainment by telephone. With 0900premium you open up additional business models and profit from a performance-oriented billing. With TENIOS only 7,50 € per month.


The complete invoicing of your services is automated via the telephone account of the callers. Tenios accepts billing and collection of the premium rate services against the callers and pays you monthly your payer fees.

The phone numbers can be obtained directly from the network. We would be happy to request your own 0900 numbers.

Premium rate is the ideal solution to flexibly charge your high-quality information or service. They charge your premium rate services for a fee, thereby earning revenue for your service numbers. You determine the price and the amount of your income (your provider's remuneration) yourself.

Tenios accepts the billing of your service numbers against the callers and pays you your provider remuneration every month. You do not need to worry about invoicing or even complicated collection.

your benefits

flexible: free choice for end user tariffs

charge via the callers telephone bill

advanced call routing features

transaction based tariffs with caller confirmation

online administration and routing of 0900 numbers

online-reporting & collection overview

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