Call Control API
dynamic call handling

Call Control enables the handling of calls via customer-specific applications. Call processing is managed by TENIOS. In contrast to static call processing using fixed routing plans, a dynamic control can be realized.

Implement your own control commands and run them using the TENIOS Cloud Communications Platform. Define entire routing blocks and send them back to us via call control

Combine your dynamic call routing with static routing elements: The control can be transferred at any time between your system and the routing plan provided in the TENIOS portal.


The call control function is part of the TENIOS Voice-API. In order to use it, a phone number within the next generation network of TENIOS or a SIP-Trunk for incoming telephony is required.

You can set up the call control block in your routing plan via our web portal. The block can be placed at any position within the routing.

Once the connection between TENIOS and the customer system is established, the commands and parameters for your dynamic call routing are transmitted.

Please find more technical information by visiting our documentation.

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