Cloud communications

TENIOS is an innovative platform with a variety of features and integrated web and API interfaces, scalable to deliver the highest level of business performance.

Below we present our Advanced Call Routing options, our reporting tools and TENIOS Cloud Connect.

TENIOS Cloud Communications Angebot

Advanced Call-Routing

How your business responds to incoming calls can be the difference in winning a sale and customer satisfaction. Advanced call routing gives you the flexibility to route calls according to your business needs, making sure the right reps can respond wherever they are. Use our easy-to-use web interface or API to control call routing for all your phone numbers. Route calls based on your own customizable rules, which can be easily updated on the fly as needed. And you can monitor call volume and activity for every number online using real-time web-based reports.

Advanced Call Routing features:

  • route by rules: e.g. ordered-list, simultaneous, overlay, percentage …
  • route by time: e.g. day, clock, calendar, holiday …
  • route by menu: e.g. DTMF, digit collection, PIN …
  • route by code/number: e.g. DNIS/ANI, zip code, fixed/mobile/international, prefix, block numbers, VIP-routing …
  • route with media options: e.g. announcements, voicemail, recording …
  • route with redirect and transfer options: e.g. API-interface, DDI, find-me/follow-me …

Call-Logs via REST

Real-time information about communication flows is critical to respond unexpected events, measure effectiveness and even serve your application or analysis tools with communication data. Our reporting tool provides comprehensive analysis in real-time. But how can you feed your application or analysis tools with this information?

With TENIOS call-logs you receive all call information in real-time when starting, ending or transferring a call via the TENIOS API. You receive even data about played announcements, digit collection via DTMF or unsuccessful call attempts. All activities about your communication flows will be provided via a REST API. You can integrate your calls into applications or adopt call data in your analysis in real-time.



Know your communications flow! It´s critical for your cloud communication services.

Reporting gives you in real-time everything you need to review and measure performance, gain insight, share successes with executive management, and take action before a problem gets out of control.

Choose from different display options for your calls with all reliable data for each call. You can also download your report in different formats and have access to CDRs and price information for every single call.

Cloud Connect

Why not connecting existing numbers and SIP-accounts to your applications, or even using your present infrastructure or voice carrier to terminate calls? With proprietary systems or hosted providers it was almost impossible to deploy or even think about these possibilities.

With TENIOS you embed your existing numbers or SIP-accounts and SIP-trunks in our cloud communication platform. You can also own communication system (e.g. pbx) or carrier to interconnect incoming and terminate outgoing calls. TENIOS connects your existing infrastructure to cloud communication.

We talk pure IP!

You can define SIP-trunks for incoming and outgoing calls on our platform. You only use our variety of cloud communication services like cloud IVR, advanced routing or TENIOS API. The complete call handling will be covered via your own facilities.

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