IVR Solution at its best

Our Cloud IVR solution provides one of the most flexible and scalable hosted IVR solutions available today. With access to a full feature set and on-demand endless voice channels, TENIOS can accommodate the simplest IVR services up to the most complex services processing hundreds of thousands of calls per hour.

TENIOS Cloud-IVR features

Auto-Attendant / DTMF

Creating auto-attendants is now an easy process allowing you to make your business sound as personal or professional as you want. Create as many auto-attendants and IVR applications as you need and update them as often as you’d like in the web portal.

Get callers connected to employees with choices like: dial by department, concern, extension or dial by name define greetings and schedules for business hours, after hours, holidays and even business hours exceptions transfer callers to ring groups, call queues, voicemail, and even additional auto attendants customize your auto attendant to the specific needs of your business.



Keep your voicemail safe and secure no matter where you’re accessing it from. Get your voicemails send to your email inbox with the audio file attached every time someone leaves you a voicemail. Hear it on the spot without calling into your voicemail box. The email includes the number of the person who called, so returning calls is quick and convenient.

Text-To-Speech (TTS)

Convert Text to Speech and Play Audio. No humans required: your application can talk to callers. Use our text to speech engine from Nuance to enter plain text and play audio to your caller.


Music On Hold

Show off your music taste and replace dead air with melodic music or important information with our music-on-hold feature. TENIOS offers 10 music-on-hold options to choose from that you can change online at any time. Or upload to own audio file.


Call Queuing

The TEVOX call queue feature allows you to manage incoming calls without worrying about channels or software licenses. Queue incoming calls and serves them to agents as they become available. Enjoy the ability to play music, advertising and messages while callers are waiting on hold.

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