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  • What are freephone 0800 numbers?
    Freephone numbers have been around since the 60s. In Germany, 0800 numbers were introduced in the 90 years (formerly 0130 numbers). The idea of ​​free calling numbers is that callers do not pay any connection fees. The call is free, no matter whether this is from the fixed line or mobile phone. The company pays these fees. For tenios, for example, they are € 0.033 from the fixed network and € 0.135 from mobile communications.
    The telephone numbers are assigned by the Federal Network Agency and will be charged an allocation fee of € 25 once. Alternatively, tenios provides its customers with 0800 numbers.
    Freephone or Tollfree numbers are virtual numbers. The incoming calls are forwarded to existing telephone lines or via SIP to the employees or call centers of the company. Forwarding of this number is carried out by the supplier, e.g. tenios. Customers can take advantage of a variety of routing options and supplementary lines (e.g., multiple destination ports, queues, announcement services, reporting, voice messages). These services are included in the package price.
    The principle of freephone numbers exists worldwide. You can switch international freephone numbers via tenios without local presence or your own technique. The 0800 calls are forwarded from the desired country to their connections.
  • What are service numbers?

    Service numbers are specific numbers that have been switched on the telephone network and do not have a geographic reference. These virtual call numbers are switched on the telephone network and forwarded to any locations as well as telephone connections from customers. These include Geonummern, national, freephone and shared cost numbers. As a provider of service numbers, tenios offers a variety of features at attractive conditions.

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