Account data

Opening your Account Data you find your personal information and you have the option to change some general system settings. All mandatory field are marked with a red *. Fields which cannot be changed by yourself are grayed out.


Payment type The type of payment can have the following values:
To use chargeable services of TENIOS, you have to charge money to your account in advance. You can charge money to your account under the Charge Balance menu item in the main menu.
Postpaid Invoice
In the end of each month you receive an invoice. You need to arrange the payment by yourself.
Postpaid direct debit
In the end of each month you receive an invoice. The amount is automatically debited from your checking account.
Customer Number Your customer number
Company Name (optional) The name of your company or organization.
Title The title of the account owner.
First name The first name of the account owner.
Last name The last name of the account owner.
Contact person A contact person in your company who is responsible for TENIOS.
Mobile number Your mobile phone number (This is required when you signup for TENIOS)
Phone number Your main phone number.
Email The main email address to get in contact with you. All notifications generated by TENIOS are sent to this email address.
Billing email address(es) One or multiple email addresses where invoices should be sent to.
VAT number (optional) Your VAT number. If provided, it will be considered in the billing process. According to the EU tax regulations, the VAT will be included in your invoice or not.



Here you find your (main) address.

Account management / admin subaccounts

The TENIOS Cloud-Communicatons platform is managed via the web interface. The customer admin can make all settings and view all data in the account. For internal company or project purposes, subaccounts for additional users can be created in the menu item “customer data”. Access for sub-accounts can only be activated for statistics / report and/or cloud PBX. To set up subaccounts, click on the “Add subaccount” button.     Please enter the login data and calculations for statistics / report and/or cloud PBX. Access for sub-accounts is also possible via the link