ACD skills

What are ACD Skills?

The “ACD Skills” block allows you to assign incoming calls to the agent with the most appropriate skills. New skills can be created by clicking the “Add ACD Skills” button.

For configuration please open the tab ACD Skills within the category “Cloud-PBX”.


Here you have the following possibilities:

  • Naming the abilities
  • Adding a description and
  • Assigning them to the appropriate agents.


Creating an ACD user profile

Creating an ACD user profile

At first the user profiles of the agents must be created under the menu item “Cloud PBX”. Further information about the Cloud PBX settings can be found here  


If your selected destination is the “SIP/Browser Phone”, you can activate the individual agents at The status changes to “available” and calls can be answered via Browser Phone.  




In addition to the BrowserPhone, softphones such as Zoiper or hardphones such as SNOM can also be used for telephony. External phones must be configured in advance according to the configuration data. Here you can find out how the configuration works.


Edit ACD agent profiles

Within the General Settings“, the TENIOS ACD can be configured. 


The following settings are stored by default in the TENIOS ACD:

Ring time with agent per call delivery 20 sec
Postprocessing time after successful call 10 sec
Timeout for desired skills* 90 sec
Log off agent status when “busy” after 2 unsuccessful call attempts
Log off agent status in case of “no answer” after 2 unsuccessful call attempts
Log off agent status in case of “error” after 2 unsuccessful call attempts

* The timeout defines the duration of trying to call an agent, who fulfills the desired skills in addition to the required skills.


Once an agent hast been logged off, he must be reactivated in the PBX portal.


Activating ACD Skills within your routing

Activating ACD Skills within your routing

To integrate the ACD skills into your routing, click on the menu item “Number routing” in the TENIOS customer portal and open the edit mode. First, click on “ACD Skill” in the dropdown menu and select the skill.  


More information concerning the ACD block within the number routing please visit “Edit number routing“.