This page gives you an overview of all your announcements available within the TENIOS customer portal. You can play listen to your announcements, edit them or add a new one. The button Add new announcement leads you to the configuration page.

From file

From File

Through the tab “From File” you can upload an audio file (MP3) and add a name and a short description.

Text to Speech

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

In addition to the upload from file you can also use our TTS-service: Text-to-speech is the generation of synthesized speech from text. You can convert texts into audio files. To do this, select “Text-to-Speech” in the submenu. You can create announcements in 18 different languages and also choose between male and female voices in different variations.

Overview of the supported languages

    • Danish
    • Dutch
    • English UK
    • English US
    • French
    • French (Swiss)
    • German
    • German (Swiss)
    • Hindi
    • Italian
    • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Turkish


SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language)

Adding SSML tags to the input text gives you more control on how language output is generated. We support the following SSML tags:

SSML-Tags Description Example
<break> Defines a break within the speech output. Welcome to TENIOS.<break time=”3s”/> You will be connected to the next free agent as soon as possible.
<emphasis> Emphasizes the tagged words or phrases. The following levels are supported: “reduced” – “moderate” – “strong” If you do not want to wait – you can <emphasis level=”strong”>NOW </emphasis> press 1 on your phone and leave a message.
<lang> Words and sentences in a foreign language are usually reproduced more comprehensibly if they are enclosed in the tag <lang>. Please refer to the table below for the availability of this function for the respective voice. <lang xml_lang=”fr-FR”>Je ne parle pas français.</lang>
<p> Defines a paragraph in the text. <p>This is the first paragraph.</p>
<phoneme> Specifies the phonetic pronunciation (the phonemes) for the particular text. Please refer to the table below for the availability of this function for the respective voice. I say, <phoneme alphabet=”ipa” ph=”pɪˈkɑːn”>pecan</phoneme>.
<prosody> Allows the control of the volume, speed and pitch of the voice output. The following words are <prosody volume=”x-loud”> quite a bit louder than the rest of this passage. </prosody>
<s> Defines a sentence in the text. <s>Mary has a little lamb</s>
<say-as> Specifies how the input text should be interpreted. Richards number is <say-as interpret-as=”Telefon”> 0221324565 </say-as>
<sub> This tag can be used, for example, to replace abbreviations with their full text using the alias attribute. <sub alias=”World Wide Web”>W3</sub>
Error: The SSML document is not valid Please note: The quotation marks may cause a formatting error when using Copy/Paste. In this case, please remove them from the tag and reenter them manually.

The following table gives you an overview of all voice variants available in the TENIOS customer portal. The voices for which the tags <long> and <phoneme> are available are marked accordingly.

Voice Voice code lang/phoneme available
English-US female voice 1 en.female.1
English-US female voice 2 en.female.2
English-US female voice 3 en.female.3
English-US female voice 4 en.female.4
English-US female voice 5 (google neural2) en.female.5
English-US male voice 1 en.male.1
English-US male voice 2 en.male.2
English-US male voice 3 en.male.3
English-US male voice 4 en.male.4
English-US male voice 5 (google neural2) en.male.5
German female voice 1 de.female.1
German female voice 2 de.female.2
German female voice 3 de.female.3
German female voice 4 de.female.4
German female voice 5 de.female.5
German (Swiss) female voice 6 de.female.6
German female voice 7 (google neural2) de.female.7
German male voice 1 de.male.1
German male voice 2 de.male.2
German male voice 3 de.male.3
German male voice 4 de.male.4
German male voice 5 (google neural 2) de.male.5
Danish female voice 1 da.female.1
Danish female voice 2 da.female.2
Dutch female voice 1 nl.female.1
Dutch female voice 2 nl.female.2
Dutch male voice 1 nl.male.1
English-GB female voice 1 en-gb.female.1
English-GB female voice 2 en-gb.female.2
English-GB female voice 3 en-gb.female.3
English-GB female voice 2 (google neural2) en-gb.female.4
English-GB male voice 1 en-gb.male.1
English-GB male voice 2 en-gb.male.2
English-GB male voice 3 en-gb.male.3
English-GB male voice 4 (google neural2) en-gb.male.4
French female voice 1 fr.female.1
French female voice 2 fr.female.2
French female voice 3 fr.female.3
French (Swiss) female voice 4 fr.female4
French male voice 1 fr.male.1
French male voice 2 fr.male.2
French male voice 3 fr.male.3
Italian female voice 1 it.female.1
Italian female voice 2 it.female.2
Italian female voice 1 it.male.1
Japanese female voice 1 ja.female.1
Japanese female voice 2 ja.female.2
Japanese male voice 1 ja.male.1
Korean female voice 1 ko.female.1
Korean female voice 2 ko.female.2
Norwegian female voice 1 nb.female.1
Polish female voice 1 pl.female.1
Polish male voice 1 pl.male.1
Portuguese female voice 1 pt.female.1
Portuguese male voice 1 pt.male.1
Romanian female voice 1 ro.female.1
Russian female voice 1 ru.female.1
Russian male voice 1 ru.male.1
Spanish female voice 1 es.female.1
Spanish female voice 2 es.female.2
Spanish male voice 1 es.male.1
Swedish female voice 1 sv.female.1
Swedish female voice 2 sv.female.2
Turkish female voice 1 tr.female.1
Turkish female voice 2 tr.female.2
Indian female voice 1 hi.female.1


More information about SSML can be found here.