Automatic-Speech-Recognition ASR

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) refers to the automatic recognition of speech. Spoken words and phrases are analyzed and translated by intelligent systems. The progressive development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) means that voice recognition can be done with great precision. Neural networks allow KIs to solve complex tasks as their structures are similar to the human brain.

TENIOS Cloud Communications wants to simplify navigation within your announcements with the integration of ASR. The platform offers the possibility to install individual ASR modules at any point of the routing plan. To do this, click the “Number routing” button in our customer portal. If you want to edit an existing routing plan, open the edit mode. Otherwise, you have to create a new routing plan first.

The TENIOS ASR system supports languages in over 80 countries. Select the desired language from the drop-down menu “Language” and insert the keywords in the same language into the ASR block – in our example “Invoice”. After that an action can be set for each defined keyword. This can be a forwarding to an announcement, a destination number, a SIP account, a SIP trunk or another routing plan.

To provide the caller with instructions, you can add an ASR greeting text. For example: “Do you have a question concerning an invoice or another topic?” So you could create a routing according to the keywords “invoice” and “other topic”.

Furthermore, you can select announcements for the case of a missing or incorrect input. If a timeout occurs, the “standard action” which is set is applied. The timeout duration is freely selectable.