ASR Provider Configuration

On this page we explain how to use an existing ASR provider account for speech recognition in the TENIOS customer portal.


  • An existing Google Cloud/Microsoft Azure account

Use your own Google / Amazon account for speech recognition

The integration is done by using the TENIOS Call Control API. There are four steps for the implementation: Implementation ASR provider

  1. Key configuration: The key can be generated on the page of your ASR provider. The instructions can be found on the setup pages (Microsoft Azure Setup / Google Cloud Setup).
  2. ASR provider configuration: In this step the connection with the TENIOS platform takes place.
  3. Activation of Call Control: The desired ASR provider must be integrated into the call control function for sending the request of speech recognition via API. Please find technical details in Call control spec.
  4. Call Control in Number Routing: As soon as the call control function is activated, it can be placed into your Number Routing.

Go to instructions for detailed setup information of the desired provider: