Automatic-Speech-Recognition (ASR)

What is Automatic-Speech-Recognition? Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) refers to the automatic recognition of speech. Spoken words and phrases are analyzed and translated by intelligent systems. The progressive development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) means that voice recognition can be done with great precision. Neural networks allow KIs to solve complex tasks as their structures are similar to the human brain.
By integrating ASR, you can improve the customer experience and strengthen the relationship to customers. The technology enables callers to perform self-service tasks before speaking to an agent. ASR provides a huge support for your contact center service staff, especially in companies that rely highly on customer service.

How can TENIOS help?

TENIOS Cloud Communications offers you the ability to individually integrate ASR devices at any point in the routing plan. With voice control, your callers can easily navigate through the menu and get to the information they need quickly. TENIOS supports multiple ASR providers so you can decide which one is best fit for your application.

Please find detailed information about how to integrate an ASR block into call routing on page Edit routing.

You already have an ASR Provider account?

Learn how to integrate an existing account to the TENIOS customer portal. Go to ASR Provider Configuration