BRIA Configuration

Softphone Bria

Counterpath’s softphone Bria enables audio and video calls via computer or mobile phone. Bria can be downloaded here: 

    1. Install the Softphone Bria on your computer.
    2. Start the application and wait until Bria appears on the screen.
    3. Click “Hinzufügen” (add) to create a new account.
    4. The SIP Account dialog box will open.
    5. In the fields User ID and Password, please enter your SIP user name and password.
    6. Please enter the following settings in the tab “Anrufbeantworter” (mailbox).

    7. In the tab “Topologie” please enter the following settings:
    8. In the next step you can configure the settings for “Präsenz” (presence).
    9. In the tab “Transport” please select „UDP“....
    10. In the advanced settings please activate „rport verwenden“.....
    11. Please change the Audio Codecs settings and choose G.711 alaw.