Browser Phone Extension for Chrome

The TENIOS Browser Phone Extension makes it possible to make and receive calls directly from the browser without having to open the Cloud PBX Portal as a tab or even having the browser active. The browser phone is running in the background in a Chrome tag. Notifications about incoming calls are displayed directly in the foreground of your screen as a pop-up.


Instructions: How to use the Browser Phone Extension

1. Add extension: Open the Chrome web store, select the TENIOS Browser Phone Extension and click “Add”. A window will pop up and the TENIOS Browser Phone icon will appear in your navigation bar. You can directly pin this icon for faster access. The extension can be found under the following link: To TENIOS Browser Phone Extension


TENIOS Browser Phone


2. Allow microphone access: Click on the phone icon. Now the microphone access has to be activated:


TENIOS Browser Phone Microphone


3. Allow notifications in Windows:

Please note: In order to enable the pop-up function for incoming calls, the notifications for Google Chrome notifications for Google Chrome have to be activated in the Windows settings.
To check if the notifications are enabled, please open the path Settings > System > Notifications & actions in Windows and search for Google Chrome. The slider must be turned on.


Notifications actions Windows


4. Login to the Cloud-PBX portal: Now click on the phone icon again and log in to the TENIOS Cloud-PBX portal. You will find the user data in your TENIOS customer portal ( under the Cloud-PBX tab.


Browser Phone Login Cloud PBX EN


5. Activate Browser Phone: Activate the Browser Phone by setting, by setting the slider to green and the status to “Bereit”.

Browser Phone Aktivierung

Now your TENIOS Browser Phone is ready to use

You can close the Cloud PBX portal. The Browser Phone can now be accessed at any time via the extension’s phone icon. There is no need to log in again.   Make Calls You can make calls by directly entering the desired phone number via the dialpad or in the input field. Furthermore, the extension has an integrated click-to-call functionality, which allows you to dial phone numbers directly from the browser (right click on phone number).


Browser Phone Make calls


Receive calls In case of an incoming call, the call appears in the browser phone and can be answered directly.


Browser Phone Eingehende Anrufe