Cloud-PBX Configuration

On this page you can configure the TENIOS cloud-based telephone system. Open the tab “Cloud-PBX” to get an overview of your activated extensions and phone numbers.



Each extension is assigned to a phone number. You can also use individual extensions / numbers as fax numbers.  

Edit extensions
For editing individual extensions / phone numbers, please click “Edit”.




Settings for your PBX extensions / numbers
Clicking the button “Edit” leads you to the settings for the individual PBX extensions / phone numbers. For new extensions without created settings, first fill in the fields and click “Create”. A SIP-Account for the extension is generated now.


You can enter the following fields for the extension:

User name (mandatory) The user name is the number of the extension and at the same time the user name for the registration of the SIP account in the VoIP phone or SIP Phone. If you are using the user portal for extensions, this is also the login username for
Password (mandatory) This is the password for logging in to the VoIP phone or SIP-phone. It is also the password for the login for user portal for extensions.
First name The first name of the user
Name The last name of the user
Email The email address of the user
Internal extension You can assign internal numbers for your extensions to which users can call internally. Please note that identifiers like 110 and 112 are not possible.
Enable SIP-Account user portal You can enable the user portal extensions at
Enable Inbound-Call History With this setting the incoming calls are visible in the user portal.
Enable Outbound calls Allows the extension to make outgoing call via the SIP-Account.


SIP-Account Status
The routing of the phone number is automatically processed to the SIP-Account of the extension. You can change this within the routing plan.


For more information please visit “Routing Cloud-PBX extensions“.