Cloud-PBX user portal

All available features of the TENIOS Cloud-PBX can be managed via our web portal . You can administrate Cloud-PBX extensions, create new users, change routings, upload your own announcements and more.
  Especially for Cloud-PBX users / extensions we have extended our web portal. As an administrator you create users / extensions and activate the user portal for your employees. This user portal ( allows Cloud-PBX users / extensions to set-up their own configurations.   The following functions are available:

  • status of the SIP-Account (login information of the IP phone or SIP phone)
  • overview of inbound and outbound connections (individual call details for user/extension calls)
  • change routing in SIP configuration (forwarding can be changed independently)
  • change name and password
  • BrowserPhone for making phone calls via the browser


The login for the user portal is available at The login data is provided to the users by the account admin.


At the start page, users get an overview of the transacted calls via the configured extension. Incoming calls are only displayed if this feature is enabled by the account admin.


The BrowserPhone is integrated in the user portal. The BrowserPhone turns the browser into a phone. The feature must be activated by the user himself/herself. The use of the headset (microphone/speaker) must be allowed in the browser. In order to be able to make outgoing calls, the account admin must be activated. You can enable the ACD feature within the Cloud-PBX configuration in the TENIOS Customer Portal. The destination can be a SIP/Browser Phone or an external phone number to which the call should be forwarded:


Afterwards a control bar appears above the BrowserPhone. Here you can set the status of your agents. You can also select the preferred destination – BrowserPhone or external number – within the dropdown menu:

PBX Portal


In order to activate the sound without user interaction, the browser settings must be adjusted. You can find out which adjustments you should make on our documentation page Autoplay Cloud-PBX.
  Users can change their settings under the menu item SIP-Configuration. The user name corresponds to the email address of the user. It is also possible to set a new password.


The Routing Configuration option defines the destination of incoming calls of the Cloud-PBX extension users. In the standard case call forwarding is set to the user’s SIP-account, which is usually an IP phone or SIP softphone (desktop, smartphone). The user can change the routing for his extension.


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