SNOM-Phone Configuration

Please find the instructions for your SNOM phone configuration below:

      1. Start up the phone and by pressing Help and 7 button identify its IP Address.
      2. Point your browser to the web interface of the phone
      3. Go to Setup > Identity 1 page and in the Login tab:
        1. Set the Identity Active field to on
        2. Fill in your username (Account) and password
        3. You can register with <customer_number>
      4. Go to Features and configure the following settings...
      5. Go to SIP tab and configure the following settings
      6. Go to NAT tab and configure the following settings. ..
      7. Go to RTP and configure the following settings. It is important to select UDP. “Symmetrisches RTP” and “RTP Verschlüsselung” should be deactivated. ..
      8. Please select “Erweitert” to navigate to the Advanced Settings. ..
      9. Go to SIP/RTP and enter 6000 in the field SIP Dirty Host TLL. ..
        Explanation on Dirty Host TTL (Time to Live)
        This parameter defines the registration intervall if the primary sip platform fails and tries to Register on the failover platform.