BrowserCall file structure

Click and download the archive with files for the widget from the following link: (widget). Once downloaded, unzip the compressed folder to see the following file structure:

|—— index.html
|—— css/
|   |—— style.css
|   |—— style.scss
|—— js/
|   |—— tenios-click2call-widget.js
|   |—— tenios-jssip.js
|—— lib/
|   |—— jquery.js
|   |—— jssip.js
|   |—— license.txt
|—— img/
|   |—— c2c/
|   |   |—— call_btn.png
|   |   |—— cancel_btn.png
|   |   |—— headset.png


  • In the css folder all styles for the widget are stored. It contains style.css and style.scssstyle.css provides the style for the widget in plain CSS. The SCSS version of the style is stored in the style.scss.
  • The img folder contains images with buttons and widget states.
  • The js folder contains the JavaScript implementation of the widget. The widget.js file contains the core of the widget, while the widget-c2c.js script initialises the widget and integrates it on a page.
  • The lib folder contains jQuery and JsSIP libraries which are used by widget.
  • Next you might want to read about how to change and customize the Browser Call widget with CSS or SCSS, or you can jump right into the widget’s JavaScript documentation.