Routing Cloud-PBX extensions

SIP-Account Status

The routing of the phone number is automatically to the SIP-Account of the extension. You can change this in the routing. In the routing different blocks can be strung together, which are processed sequentially on incoming calls. A routing plan has a general area where a description and, if necessary, advanced settings can be made.

1) Call forwarding

The extension is forwarded to the associated SIP-Account. You can change this and set the routing to other SIP-Accounts or telephone numbers. Sequential or parallel order is also possible.    

SIP-Account A SIP-Account configured within this TENIOS account. A user can register e.g. with a softphone to this account to receive calls.
Destination number A phone number in the public switched telephone network (PSTN) which should be entered in international format (e.g. +44221). If the number is entered in national format with leading 0, the system assumes the number as a German number, and replaced the leading zero by the international prefix +49.

2) Announcements

This block plays announcements. Several standard announcements are provided by default by the system. Furthermore under the menu option Setup->Announcements, it is possible to upload custom announcements. After the upload, those announcements will also appear in the combo box where you can select announcements in several blocks. The formats WAV and MP3 are supported in various sampling rates.  

3) Voicemail

This block records a voicemail and sends it to the specified email address. The voicemail will be attached as an audio file in MP3 format to the email. NOTICE: This block only records the voicemail, if you want to play an announcement before the recording, please insert an announcement block before.  

4) Call Queue/ Call groups

This block represents a call queue. Similar to the call forwarding block, destinations can be configured, but here they are only called in sequential order with a fix timeout. Unlike the call forwarding block where the caller hears a ring tone during the call is bridged, it is possible to play music on hold and several announcements during the waiting time.   Please find all available options below:

Destinations The destinations available are a destination number, a SIP-Account or a SIP-Trunk.
Intro announcement An announcement, which is played ince at the beginning of the block.
Main queue announcement An announcement, that is played and repeated after a configured pause.
Pause between repetitions The pause in seconds which is in between playing the main announcement.
Limit the number of repetitions (optional) The play back of the main queue can be limited to a maximum number of repetitions.
MOH announcement An announcement with music on hold which is played back between the other announcements.
Outro announcement An announcement which is played back before a call leaves the call queue.
Timeout Defines the dial-up time.
Call Queue Timeout The total timeout of the call queue in seconds. When the timeout is reached, the call queue block ends and the routing plan continues with the next step.

5) fax receive / fax2mail

This block receives a fax and sends it to the specified email addresses. Please note that his block must be the first block and can be the only block in a routing plan. You can find receives faxes in the menu Fax History set with direction INBOUND.  

6) E-Mail Block / call notification

This block allows to send out an email from a routing plan.    

Email Target email address, to which the email should be sent.
Betreff Subject of the email.
Body The email body, currently only emails in plain text are supported.

7) DTMF-Menu

You can use a routing plan with a selection menu to prequalify a call before forwarding. This block enables the forwarding of a call to a destination or the playing of an announcement due to the caller’s selection within the input menu. The destination can be a destination number, a SIP-Account or a SIP forwarding profile. If the option announcement is selected, it is possible to select an announcement that will be played back, similar to the announcement block.   In addition, the following parameters can be configured:

Announcement An announcement which is played back at the beginning of the DTMF menu block. Usually this is an announcement that presents the options of the DTMF menu.
IVR Menu Announcement (Repetition) An announcement which is played if no input is done.
Announcement invalid input An announcement which is played if an invalid input via the phone keyboard is done.
Default Destination The destination which is called or the announcement which is played, if an error occurs at the selected destination.
Timeout Timeout in seconds, after the execution is finished and the routing plan continues with the next block.
Allow speech input (ASR)
If the checkbox is activated it is also possible to recognize a voice input. The speech recognition is started after the announcement has been played. Using the input menue on the telephone and voice input can not be combined. For using the speech input please choose the ASR Provider – Google or Microsoft – and the ASR language.

8) Percentage Routing

This block can be used to forward calls with a specific percentage to the configured destination numbers. If a destination is not reachable, the call will be forwarded to the next destination number in the configuration.    

Please find more information concerning to your Cloud-PBX customer portal here.