General Settings

Here you can view and maintain general settings of the TENIOS portal.  

In the section API parameters are displayed or can be configured which are related to the TENIOS API.

Access Key A unique key which is required to access the TENIOS API.
Enable IP restriction Here you can restrict access to the TENIOS API from defines IP addresses.
Allowed IP addresses Here you can specify one or more IP addresses from where access to the API should be allowed. If you want to configure multiple IP addresses, please separate them by a comma.


Display Mode
The customer can choose between two options – “Standard” and “Expert”.

  • „Standard Mode“ offers minimal settings
  • „Expert Mode“ offers all settings available. In “Expert Mode” you will be able to perform more detailed configuration.


Music on Hold
Here you can define Music on Hold. This audio file is always played when a call is put on hold.
Please note that this file is only played when the call is put on hold at TENIOS, e.g if you put it on hold from a connected SIP phones or SIP trunk. If a call is forwarded to a phone number though the PSTN and put on hold there, the music on hold configured at this endpoint is played.
You can use all announcements which have been configured in the section announcements as music on hold. If you want to define your own music on hold, please upload the audio file in this section. After that the music on hold will be selectable within the drop down menu.    
Default ACD agent profiles
In this section you can configure the settings of the ACD agent profiles. >> More information concerning our ACD