Holiday profiles

What are Holiday Profiles? By using the tab „Holiday Profiles“ you have the possibility to define dates in the calendar, which should be handled as holidays.

Please begin by pressing the button Add Holiday Profile in order to create a new holiday profile:


On the next screen you can select a list of holidays in a combo box. Holiday lists with all country wide holidays are available for all major countries. As soon as you have selected a list, the holidays are displayed. Then you can select the holidays you want to add to your profile by checking the combo box in front of a holiday. You also can use the check boxes Select all / Unselect all to check or uncheck all holidays in the list in one step.

Finally you can press + Add Selected to add the selected holidays to the holiday profile.



Country-specific holidays
Holidays are grouped in holiday profiles which can be set in the advanced options of a routing plan. It is helpful to use different holiday profiles, if you own geographical phone numbers of different countries. As in every country public holidays are different, you can add a holiday profile per country and configure it appropriate in the advanced routing plan options.
For instance you own a geographical phone number from Germany and an other one from France. You can configure a German holiday profile including all public holidays from Germany and one for France including all public holidays of France. In the Routing for the German number you can set the German holiday profile and in the one for the French number you set the French holiday profile. For example the German Unity day is only a public holiday in Germany, which means in this constellation that for the German number the holiday routing, but for the french number the standard routing is active.


Customer-specific holidays

In addition, you can define custom holidays. Those can also be added to holiday profiles, when you select the list Custom Holidays: