Jitsi Configuration

Softphone Jitsi With the Jitsi softphone, you can make phone calls from your PC or Mac. It only takes a few steps to integrate your TENIOS cloud telephony into Jitsi.

        1. Install Jitsi on your PC.
        2. Start the application to configure the softphone.
        3. Click Datei > Konto and select „SIP“ as network. .. .. ... ..
        4. Enter your SIP name and your password to create the account. .... ..
        5. Select “Verbindung” and fill in the Registrar. You find it in your TENIOS portal. .. ..’ ..
        6. In the tab „Sicherheit“ please remove the option „Verschlüsselte Anrufe zulassen“. .. .. ..
        7. The Settings concerning to the „Online Status“ should be as the following: .. .. ..
        8. In the Tab „Kodierungen“ please enter the following settings: Please select the Audio codes PCMA/8000, PCMU/8000 and G722/16000. PCMA/8000 must be the first one. .. .. ..
        9. Please select “Weiter” to complete the setup.