Mail2Fax Config

End of Life Announcement: Please note that this service expires on 12/31/2021.

As attachment, the following format is supported:

  • Portable Document Format (.pdf) in A4 (210 x 297)
Note that the E-Mail body, as well as all document and image attachments of the email are concatenated and sent as one fax document with multiple pages.
You can add and edit Mail2Fax entries
Email The email (From-Address) to be enabled for sending faxes
Phone Number The callerid which should be signaled when sending a fax and to be displayed in the fax header. Here you can only select phone numbers owned by you and configured in the TENIOS account.
Fax Header A string to be displayed as fax header
Save PDF in History Flag, if the fax should be stored in history on the server. If this option is checked, you can download all sent and received faxes in the TENIOS customer portal. NOTE: The faxes are stored for a maximal time of 30 days and will be deleted afterwards.