MakeCall: Use Cases for Outbound-IVR

In this article we show you, how our MakeCall function can be used. It can be used for the configuration of automatic dialers, IVR menues oder the call routing to your contact center. The high flexibitilty of our Outbound-IVR offers individual configuration options for your outgoing calls. Outbound-IVR allows you to initiate automatic call campaigns. In this case reminder for mediacal appointements can be triggered for example. Other use cases can be billing notifications, advertising campaigns, surveys or informative announcements.

Example: Appointment confirmation

Scenario: An automatic phone reminder for a medical appointment should be intiated, where the caller has the possibility to confirm or cancel the appointment via IVR menue directly. Announcement including DTMF menue: „With this call we want to remind you of your appointment with Dr. Muller on 10th July at 10 am. To confirm the appointment, please press 1. To make a new appointment press 2.”

Technical details

MakeCall allows the initiation of outbound calls to the public phone network. First the destination number is dialed. As soon as the call is picked up, the connection to the service hotline (tenios-number) is build up. Please find more information in API Make call.
  The following graphic shows two Use Cases of the MakeCall function:
Case I - Classic MakeCall function
Make Call Case 1 Case I shows the classic flow of the MakeCall functionality. Through the initiation phone number A – the participant in the public phone network – is called first. As soon as the call is picked up, the connection to phone number B – the destination number in the TENIOS network – takes place and the routing plan in the customer portal is executed.
Case II - MakeCall function + Call Control
Make Call Case 2 In Case II a optional special feature comes into action: The implementation of Call Control functions. Call Control offers the possibility to perform automatic outbound actions by the customer-side managing of the call. This can be announcement blocks, forwardings or IVR menues. Please find a detail description of all types available in Call control spec.