Microsoft Azure Setup (ASR)

In this article you find information on how to integrate Microsoft Azure Speech into your call routing. For the setting configurations in Microsoft Azure and in TENIOS customer portal please follow our step-by-step instruction.

Configuration of Azure Speech

Please open the link to Microsoft Azure for login. If you don’t have an account yet, you can choose between different subscriptions – there is also a free version available. Afterwards the Azure services can be used. Please choose “+Create a resource“.

Create Azure Ressource EN

A new page is opened with the title “New“. Please type “Speech” into the search bar. Azure New Speech en

Please select “Speech” and click the button “Create“.

Create Speech

Fill in the fields concering to your conditions. If you do not have a resource group yet, you can create it by clicking “Add new element“. Create Speech Azure

Afterwards you will be redirected to the overview page. Please choose the menu item “Keys and Endpoints” to get the integration key. This key is needed for the connection with TENIOS. Azure Keys Endpoints

Settings in the TENIOS customer portal

Login on the TENIOS platform to connect the speech service. Navigate to “Setup > ASR Provider Configurations” and click “+ Add new configuration”.

TENIOS ASR Konfiguration EN

Now you can edit the ASR Provider Confiurations. Please select “Microsoft” as Provider. Fill in the Credential Key created in your Azure Account. Click Save to complete the configuration.

ASR Konfiguration Microsoft