How to get a geographical or freephone number

In this article we show you, how to configure your TENIOS phone number. The setup is done in three steps.  

1. Number Order

You have different options to order a TENIOS phone number. The kind of order depends on the selected number type. Please select the number you want to order:

Get a 0800 freephone number

Get a 0800 freephone number

If you want to book a freephone number, you can choose between three options:

freephone order


  • In the first case you pick a phone number out of our number number pool. The list of available numbers can be find within the online booking form and can be orded directly.
  • Cannot find your preferred phone number in our list? Please contact us via phone oder per email. We will check for you if the number is available. If the number has not been assigned yet, a new assignment can be requested at the responsible regulatory authority.
  • You are already using a freephone number and want to switch this number to TENIOS? We will manage the porting from your current provider.

In the next step, your number will be activated in the TENIOS network.

Get a geographical phone number

Get a geographical phone number

If you decided to book a geographical phone number, you habe two possibilities:


  • Within your online booking form, you find a list of all phone numbers available in your desired area code.
  • If you already own a geographical phone number, a porting from your current provider to TENIOS is possible.

Please note that a valid proof of address in the desired area code is required for applying a local phone number.
In the next step, your number will be activated in the TENIOS network.

2. Setting Routing

After your number has been activated in the TENIOS network, the next step is to configure the routing of your number. Please open the TENIOS customer portal and log in with your email address and password. Navigate to the category “Routing” and open the tab “Number Routing” auf. By clicking the button “Edit routing” you can configure your call routing. For example you can use the following features

  • Announcements
  • Call Queues
  • Menues with DTMF or speech recognition (ASR)
  • Call Recording
  • Email notification
  • Fax

call routing

Please find an overview of all routing features available.

3. Reporting

For managing the activitites of your number, you can use our reporting tool and configure individual statistics. You find these within the customer portal opening the tab “Statistics” within the tab “Statistics Reports”.

For more information on how to configure your reporting, please visit our statistics documentation page.