Scheduled Reports

In this section you can schedule reports to be sent to you automatically by email. You can choose between following reports:

  • Inbound Connection Summary
  • Itemized Details
  • Redial report
  • Outbound Connection Summary
  • Itemized Details Outbound (if activated)
  • Destination Summary
  • Max Parallel Calls
  • Agents report


For the time frame you can select Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Furthermore you can define which service numbers you would like to be included in the report. In the next field the time zone can be defined. This is relevant for the reporting of international phone numbers.

In the optional field Free Text you can define a string which will be part of the filename of the generated report. As soon as all data for the configured time frame is available, the reports are generated. Daily reports are sent out starting at midnight, weekly reports every Monday at midnight and monthly reports every 1st of each month starting at midnight.


Agents report

The agents report is a tool for control and overview of your agents’ activities. You can define the recipient of the report (email address) and the interval of sending. In the report you find the following information: Duration of call, number of calls, successful/not successful calls and the minutes of the different agent states as “Ready” and “Not Ready”. If the “Not Ready Reasons” are defined, they will be listed in an additional column. Download example