SIP-Trunk Configuration

In this article we show you how to configure your TENIOS SIP-Trunk. The setup of the IP-based phone line and the connection with your PBX is done in two steps.

SIP Trunk Configuration TENIOS

For your IP-based phone line you can select geographical phone numbers within all german area codes. Furthermore we offer Für Ihren phone numbers in more than 100 countries worldwide e.g. Austria, Switzerland, France, India, China, Australia. >> list of all countries available

Please note that a valid proof of address in the desired area code is required for applying a local phone number.

1. Settings in the TENIOS portal

To configure the SIP-Trunk, please visit the TENIOS customer portal and log in with your email address and password.

  • Navigate to “Setup” and open the tab “SIP-Trunks”.
  • By clicking the button “Add SIP-Trunk” you are forwarded to the “SIP-Trunk Details”.
  • Fill in the form and save your settings.

For more information on how to configure the SIP-Trunk details, please visit our SIP-Trunk documentation page.

2. Configuration of your own PBX

In the next step the SIP-Trunk should be connected to your PBX. Therefor please add the data provided in the TENIOS customer portal to your PBX and configure the required settings.

CLIP no screening
With CLIP no screening, any phone number – for which you have a use license – can be signalled for outgoing calls.