This module allows you to access reports related to your phone numbers. The following reporting types are available:




  • Inbound Connection Summary: This report gives you an overview about the selected phone numbers
  • Itemized Details: This report shows details of calls in a very detailed manner. Note that a row in the report is cumulated of 2 or more CDRs when a call was forwarded
  • Redial: This report shows you how often a caller has dialed a selected phone number in the given time frame
  • Outbound Connection Summary
  • Itemized Details Outbound
  • Destination Summary
  • Max Parallel Calls


Next, you can select for which of your number you would live the report to be generated. When you have selected a number, please define a period for which you would like the report to be generated. You can either choose the current month, the last month or define an individual time frame for which you would like the report to be generated:



By clicking Search you request the chosen report and it is automatically generated by the system:



All reports can be exported as xls- oder csv-files:


Please note that the report may take up to one minute to generate.

Call Flow

By selecting the view of the Itemized Details, you have the possibility to track the call flow of each call: The call flow shows all completed blocks of the routingplan for the selected call. If a block performed successfully, a green hook is shown. Otherwise the block will be marked with a red x.