Trunk routing

On this page you can configure trunk routing. The available SIP Trunks are listed in the drop down list. The following options are available:


Route directly to the PSTN

This option is only available if Business Voice is enabled for this TENIOS account. All incoming calls on this trunk will be routed directly to the PSTN.


What is Business Voice? Business Voice enables you to connect your VoIP enabled PBX via a broadband SIP Trunk to the telephone network or to call to the telephony network from at TENIOS registered SIP devices. In addition to excellent voice quality and high-availability service, TENIOS offers low rates for connections to landlines and mobile phones. Whether you are running Asterisk or another VoIP enabled PBX: TENIOS Business Voice covers your complete inbound and outbound telephony for you.


Individual routing

If this option is selected, all incoming calls will be send to a routing plan considering the caller ID and destination number. To configure that, select Show Mappings.


After that you can define an individual routing dependent on the ANI (caller id) and DNIS (destination number) by clicking the button+ Show Mappings.
Now specify a Name for the routing and define which routingplan will be executed dependent on the combination of ANI and DNIS. Just enter the desired prefixes or phone numbers in the appropriate fields and save the configuration.


Now you can add a routing plan to the combination of ANI/DNIS. To do this click the button + Add Routing.


After that you can add a routing plan as usual.


REFER block

Within the trunk routing you can use the REFER block. This block sends a SIP REFER message with the configured phone number back to the SIP Trunk and terminates the call.  

The REFER block may only be used, if the call came in via your registered SIP Trunk in TENIOS Portal. If the block is accidentally used outside of Trunk Routing, the call will be hung up immediately.

You can find more information about how to configure your routing here.