Text-to-Speech TTS

What is Text-to-Speech?

Text-to-speech is the generation of synthesized speech from text.  This not only opens up applications and information to be used in new ways, but also has the ability to make the world a more accessible place to individuals who are unable to read text on a screen or generate voice files from text.

The technology (AWS polly) behind text-to-speech has evolved over the last few decades. Using deep learning, it is now possible to produce very natural-sounding speech that includes changes to pitch, rate, pronunciation, and inflection. Today, computer-generated speech is used in a variety of use cases and is turning into a ubiquitous element of user interfaces. Newsreaders, gaming, public announcement systems, e-learning, telephony, IoT apps & devices and personal assistants are just a few starting points.

Opon the TENIOS platform you can convert texts into speech. Afterwards these audio files can be integrated into your call routing. Information on how to create a TTS announcement you find on doc page announcements. Please visit “Edit Number Routing” to get instructions concerning the integration into your routing plan.