X-lite Configuration

Softphone X-lite With X-lite, you can make calls from your comupter or Mac. The installation and integration into the TENIOS cloud is done in just a few steps.

Step Description
1. Install the softphone on your computer.
2. Run the X-lite application and wait for the softphone to display on your screen.
3. Click SoftphoneAccount Settings.
4. The SIP Account dialog box opens.
5. Select Call.
6. In the User ID and Password fields, type your SIP username and SIP password.
7. You can register with the following domain : <customer_number>.tevox.com
8. Select Register with domain and receive calls.


Please note, that “UDP” must be selected in Account Setting > Transport instead of “automatic”. Otherwise there is no warranty for Failover.
.. On the tab “Advanced” please enter the following data:




In addition you can also customize the settings for the Audio Codecs. You find it in Preferences. G711 alaw” and “G711 ulaw” should be the first two in the row. This is necessary to avoid problems with the audio transmission.