Yealink-Phone Configuration

Please find the instructions for the configuration of your Yealink phone below:

      1. Start your Yealink-Phone.
      2. Enter the IP-address in your browser.
      3. Go to Account and enter your registration data.
        1. The field Line Active must be activated.
        2. Please enter your name in the field Display Name.
        3. In the lines Register Name and User Name please enter your extension e.g. 123.
        4. In the next step please fill in the field Server Host.
        5. Please select “DNS NAPTR” in the field Transport...
      4. Go to Codec (Sidebar) and enter the following codecs: PCMA, PCMU and G722. It is important to maintain this order. ..
      5. Go to the Advanced settings and activate the field “RPort”. ….
      6. Next, please configure the Network settings by selecting “Static IP Address”. For the “Primary DNS” we recommend the use of the Google DNS server .. …..
      7. After confirmation, the registration of your Yealink-Phone can be completed.