Zoiper Configuration

Softphone Zoiper

The Softphone Zoiper allows you to make phone calls from your PC or Mac. You can integrate your TENIOS cloud telephony into Zoiper easily in just a few steps. Zoiper is also available as a free smartphone app. See below for instructions on how to configure it on mobile devices.


The setup of the TENIOS SIP account in the desktop version is as follows: After installing the sof
tware, click on the Settings menu > Create new account.


Account Type

Please choose SIP as account type.


Registration data

For registration with a SIP client, only domain, username, and password are relevant. The domain is specified in customernumber.tenios.com format.



Advanced Settings

Click on the “Advanced” button to access the advanced settings.


Compatibility modes

Please choose DTMF RFC -2833. The DTMF mode specifies which method is used to send DTMF tones to the server when a key on the dial is pressed.



Network related

Please select UDP for the signaling between TENIOS and your Softphone. In addition, “Use rport” and “global STUN” must be selected.


Audio Codecs

Please select the following codecs: G.711 a-law, G.711 mu-law and G.7
22. G.711 a-law must be the first one.



Your SIP accounts are listed in the left column on the accounts page after setup. The icon in front of the account informs you about the current status: logged in, not logged in or login fa
iled. Clicking on an account opens the settings for that account.


Zoiper Mobile Configuration

There are numerous smartphone apps that can be used as softphones. One of these softphones for your smartphone is Zoiper, which is free for private use. You can download Zoiper for free from the Apple Appstore or the Google Play Stor
e and install it on your smartphone. Afterwards, you can connect the TENIOS Cloud telephony to your mobile device.
The softphone is available for iPhone / IOS and Android devices. The information contained here will help you conf
igure it on an Android or IOS platform.
The configuration on other mobile operating systems should remain similar.

Configuration Guide: Zoiper Mobile
Step Description Screenshot
1. After installing the app, start Zoiper on your smartphone. Select Accounts on the Settings tab.
2. Click on the + to create a new account.
3. Please select Manual configuration in the account setup.
4. Please select SIP.
5. Please enter the following data:

Account name: Freely selectable  The domain is specified in the format customernumber.tevox.com. Example: 100000.tevox.com

User name: The name for your account Password: The password for your account

6. Then click the tab Register to complete the process. Your registration status should now show “OK”.
7. Your account is shown in SIP Accounts.
Additional information Please note, that IPv6 must be deactivated. In Audio Codecs please select a-law and u-law.