geographic numbers

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geographic, local and virtual numbers Germany

Use your servicelines primarily with a regional reference and do not want to miss the flexibility of the routing and statistics functions. TENIOS virtual telephone numbers are the ideal tool for your customer interactions.

geographic numbers Germany

TENIOS offers you the opportunity to use the features of an IN (intelligent network) for individual call control with geographical numbers. This means that you can not simply route your calls to the control center, but also to a specific extension, announcement, mailbox, queue or voice dialog depending on the time of day or caller number. To avoid overloading your connections you do not need to worry. The calls are already processed in our IN and distributed to the appropriate places.

Signal the regional customer proximity without sacrificing the flexibility of virtual landline numbers. Sign your customers and underline your high level of service.

your benefits

customer service
optimize your customer interaction, improve your service quality

premium voice quality
excellent voice quality in the high-availability NGN-network

intelligent routing options, improve your business processes

international geographic numbers

TENIOS provides local and virtual numbers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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about geographic numbers

TENIOS' geographical numbers are classic fixed line numbers, which are switched in TENIOS' intelligent telecommunications network. TENIOS provides in all 5200 local network numbers. By switching to the IN (intelligent network) these fixed network numbers become virtual call numbers for enterprises. These do not require any local technique for switching these numbers.
The incoming calls are forwarded to existing telephone lines or via SIP to the employees or call centers of the company. The forwarding of these virtual numbers is accepted by the supplier, e.g. TENIOS. Customers can take advantage of a variety of routing options and supplementary lines (e.g., multiple destination ports, queues, announcement services, reporting, voice messages). These services are included in the package price.
The monthly costs are € 5.00. The minute prices are at 0.025 € for calls from landline / mobile phone including the forwarding costs.
TENIOS also offers local landline numbers in 125 countries. The incoming calls are arranged according to the same principle. There is no need for a local presence or technology in the country.