IVR Solution at its best

Our Cloud IVR solution provides one of the most flexible and scalable hosted IVR solutions available today. With access to a full feature set and on-demand endless voice channels, TENIOS can accommodate the simplest IVR services up to the most complex services processing hundreds of thousands of calls per hour.

Call Pre-Qualification & IN-Routing

VoiceBot is calling! Integrate a Bot as a virtual agent into your customer service hotline - to pre-qualify your calls or to solve standard requests.

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DTMF menues

Using classic Dual-Tone-Multi-Frequency Menus (DTMF), your customers navigate to the desired menu item via the touch of number keys.

Use our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and define keywords that lead your callers directly to the right contact person via voice input.

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Navigation via voice input: As an alternative to the DTMF menu, TENIOS also supports voice interfaces.

Create individual announcements in a quick and easy way via TTS: TENIOS allows you to convert text to speech - 73 voices in 18 languages available.

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Music on hold

Individual music on hold: Choose from different melodies or upload your personal music on hold as audio file to our portal.

TENIOS' IVR technology offers you all you need for intelligent routing to be customized. Start now and provide your customers the best call experience imaginable.

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