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With TENIOS Call Masking, you connect participants without sharing their private phone numbers.

What are Masked Phone Numbers?

If a phone number is masked, this indicates that the called person is shown a different phone number than the one of the caller. In this case, the connection is established via a so-called proxy number, which hides the original number. Call number masking is used to protect the personal data of the call participants.

Build a secure connection between buyers and sellers, users and suppliers - from e-commerce platforms
to cab aggregators: Connect call participants without giving out their private numbers.
Safe and simple.

How Phone Number Masking works

Number masking User to Provider

As soon as the call is registered on the TENIOS Cloud Communications platform, a session is created (1+2).
The recipient's phone number is requested (3) and a call is set up with the recipient (4).
Since the temporary virtual number acts as a bridge between the two parties in the call, both
the caller and the call recipient cannot see each other's private phone numbers (5).

Your competitive advantage: User privacy

Give your customers a maximum of security, strengthen customer loyalty and increase your customer base. By masking calls, you have full control to ensure that all purchases are completed within your platform.

Phone Number Masking in practice:

Where are masked phone numbers used?

E-commerce & delivery

Call masking allows deliverers or suppliers to contact the recipient directly by telephone without giving out their private phone numbers.

Cab aggregators

For driving services, the use of number masking can ensure that no personal data is shared between driver and passenger.


Masking inbound and outbound telephony on marketplaces is crucial to track leads and ensure that all transactions happen on the platform.


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