0900 Premium Rate Service Switzerland


Benefit from our top payouts and favorable conditions for foreign numbers!
  set-up fee per number 55,00 €
  monthly fee per number 25,00 €
  connection rate per call 0,06 CHF

payouts* for 0900 Switzerland:

  end user tariff   minutes per month
  < 25.000   > 25.000 min.*
  1,00 CHF per min.   0,57 CHF   0,60 CHF
  2,00 CHF per min.   1,35 CHF   1,39 CHF
  2,50 CHF per min.   1,60 CHF   1,64 CHF
  3,13 CHF per min.   2,22 CHF   2,28 CHF
  4,23 CHF per min.   3,10 CHF   3,17 CHF

*termination rate includes (DE fixed)

The use and allocation of service numbers in Switzerland is subject to local regulations. Services and offers via the service numbers for premium rate must be made according to these regulations. The customer is obliged to comply with these regulations. Tenios shall be released by the customer from all possible claims.

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for more information see:

Bundesamt für Kommunikation

The prices are determined according to the current price lists and are subject to VAT. In all other respects, the General and Special Terms and Conditions of tenios GmbH shall apply. The prices "from 25,000 min." Apply from a monthly accumulated volume of 25,000 minutes for foreign numbers per customer. The calculation of the running minutes takes place in seconds.