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Individual call-center solutions with ACD

Your employees are located at different offices? For your customers you want to be reachable under an uniform number and connect callers directly to the right contact person? Then our ACD is the ideal solution for you!

Intelligent call distribution easier than ever

With the feature-rich TENIOS ACD you can route calls directly to the right person - regardless of where your employees are geographically located. Your agents simply log on to the system by phone or internet. For example, call centers or individual workstations at different locations merge to the outside to form a homogenous, virtual call center.

Guaranteed optimal reachability

Distribute calls according to your individual requirements and thus increase the accessibility of your company. 

Assign any number of agents to the individual call centers. Define routing plans by which the incoming calls are routed to the call centers and agents. You can also include mailboxes, queues, or announcements in the routing.

Configure the ACD system via a clear and easy-to-use web interface - without having to install a special software on your systems.

Skill-based routing options

The TENIOS ACD offers the possibility to create a user profile for each of your employees. Within the profile, different skills can be assigned to the agent. For example, if an employee specialises in sales queries, he or she can be assigned this skill via the TENIOS web portal.

In the case of an incoming call, the assigned ACD skills are used to check which employee has the most suitable skills to clarify the call request.

This ensures that the caller is directed to the right contact person, eliminating time-consuming call forwarding. Callers and employees benefit equally.

Your benefits at a glance

  • optimal call distribution according to individual requirements
  • constant service level, consistently high accessibility
  • no forwarding costs for overflows to other locations
  • no initial investment for complex technical systems
  • short-term provision of systems for complex tasks of call processing and call distribution
  • reduced own TK resources, since calls are already processed in the network

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