Call-back Manager

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Call-back Manager is an interactive solution that makes web contacts into real customer contacts. The visitors of your homepage are recalled automatically and free of charge, without time delay and connected to your service center. The current connection status is displayed in real time. Alternatively, you can freely define the time of the callback.

Bring your customer experience to a new level!

The Call-back Manager can be used to reduce load peaks in your service center. Incoming calls that are not promptly accepted by an agent can be forwarded to the call-back Manager. The recall wishes are recorded via web form, via IVR or directly via our tenios Cloud API. In addition to the desired callback number, it is also possible to include further information such as subject area, concerns or customer number.

After entering your callback request, the visitor to your website is called up completely automatically by our callback system and connected without time delay and directly with the support team. Optionally the interested party can be offered a time selection for a later recall.

The integration of tenios call-back is possible in every website and in every design.

your benefits


• automatic callback in real time
• dynamic call status in real-time
• time selection for the callback request
• black list function
• lock service / mobile phone numbers
• destinations freely selectable
• detailed statistics
• integrated design
• interface (API) to the callback server

  • TENIOS Call-back Manager
  • set-up fee
    on request
  • montly fee
    on request
  • numbers
    from 5,00 €
  • termination rate
    0,01 €  DE fixed
    0,04 € DE mobile
    0,02 € international
  • best voice quality
  • hosted in Germany

international numbers

TENIOS provides international geographic, virtual and freehone numbers in 125 countries.

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