The Voice-API offers an open and standardized interface between business applications and telecommunication services. Companies can link applications with telephony services without having to operate their own telecommunication systems or servers with ISDN cards.


Easily connected: Web and telecommunication services

Due to the open API structure of TENIOS, the application can host on corporate or cloud servers. The control is done via REST API to the domains / IP addresses of the hosted applications. In addition to cloud hosting providers it is possible to embed applications in Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Amazon Cloud.

Application examples
for the TENIOS API

Call Center ACD

Call Center applications for automatic call routing can be developed via Voice-API. The existing CRM or ERP application will be extended to include an interface for telephone services.

The agent data and registration is still managed by the CRM / ERP. It will also complements the phone number with extension. Employees register as usual in their CRM / ERP application.

For incoming calls to the service hotline the Voice-API transmits the call data (caller, number dialed, date, time and, if necessary, DTMF inputs) to the interface. The CRM / ERP module evaluates these data and determines the right employee. For call forwarding the target number of the employee is transmitted to TENIOS, on the basis of which TENIOS terminates the call.

In addition, employees receive the caller's information and possibly DTMF inputs such as customer / ticket number. Thus, the time-consuming telephone queries by agents are not necessary.

The parameters for the call forwarding can be extended to a further destination numbers or audio announcements.

Screenpop / Call-to-Action

The TENIOS API allows you to show information for processing customer inquiries, tickets or orders which are stored in corporate CRM, ERP or ticketing systems as a screenpop.

By integrating the application, the call data (caller, number dialed, date, time and, if DTMF input) on the Voice-API are transmitted to the customers platform.

Based on the caller ID or customer / ticket number, a call-to-action or screen pop function in CRM / ERP can be executed. The agents get specific information such as customer's data, ticket details or call relevant information on the screen before answering as the call.

Host-based Routing

With the host-based routing calls can be routed directly to the appropriate person, without a separate query by agents.

For efficient processing of customer inquiries, orders or tickets information of customers / prospects are required, which must be collected separately by phone.

Afterwards the telephone query the agents often redirect the calls to the appropriate employee. Through the Voice-API data such as caller ID, DTMF input (customer number, ticket number, order number) is transmitted to the CRM / ticket System of the customer. This determines that the calls will be forwarded to the right person for the concern by TENIOS.

A VIP-routing based on customer number or caller number is also possible. In CRM systems the contact is deposited with telephone numbers for the needs of customers. TENIOS queries this number (calling party number or DTMF input) and transmitted it via the API to the client system. Thus, the relaying of incoming calls made directly to the relevant employees.

Likewise, announcements can be played or offered callback options for callers.

On-Call Services

Also On-Call Services can be controlled via the TENIOS API. TENIOS handles the call forwarding to the employee in service.

The administration of on-call services / duties carried is managed in ERP systems or custom applications. This system or application can easily integrated with the Voice-API without the need to make changes manually in routing masks or PBXs.

For incoming calls to the on-duty number, the ERP system / application evaluates the person on duty and its telephone number based on the call time. It transmits the destination number via the Voice-API to forward the call.

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