Voice integration via API

From Chat to Voice:

Use the full potential of your bot and give him a voice with TENIOS. Via API.

TENIOS Voice Gateway

Seamless voice integration

Connect your chatbot via API with the TENIOS Cloud Platform: With the help of text-to-speech (TTS) and speech-to-text (STT) technology your bot will be activated for voice in realtime.

Automated telephone dialogues

Link your bot and telephony:
Connect your SIP Trunk or IVR and let your voicebot answer and proceed phone calls automatically.


Let humans and machines perform as a team: The bot-agent-handover makes it possible to switch between bot and agent at any time within the customer dialogue. On demand and if required.

One bot, several channels

Enhance your chatbot: By using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), your chatbot becomes an omnichannel bot. The database remains the same.

VoiceBot API: Technology

The VoiceBot API from TENIOS connects the chatbot to the TENIOS Cloud Communications Platform, making it usable for voice. Phone calls incoming via TENIOS can be taken directly by the bot. The TTS and STT engine handles the conversion of text and voice in real time. The connection is established via API.

Open API

Due to our standardized voice interface, any desired chatbot platform can be connected to our voice solution.

Best-in-market speech technology

Choose your favorite TTS/STT provider: Our system supports the enginges of Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

Security & quality

Data security is important for us: We offer you the highest quality and security standards using technology made & hosted in Germany.

Why voice?

Voice is the most natural
way of communication.

One in three feels more comfortable speaking than typing.

29% use voice control,
because it is fun.

Which role does the telephone play as a contact channel?

The telephone is still one of the most popular contact channels in customer service: In a survey, 66% said they would prefer to use the telephone to contact companies. This is where people expect a quick response and solution to their concerns. These expectations can be optimally fulfilled by using a VoiceBot, which accepts incoming calls directly without any waiting time.

Let your bot speak and connect
the VoiceBot to your telephony channel.

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