Integrate external botsystems
into your telephone customer service

bot system of your choice

integration via API

flexible call routing

VoiceBot is calling!

Automate the answering of telephone customer inquiries by using the voice bot of your choice. Integrate your voice assistant easily and flexibly within your call routing. With the VoiceBot Connector from TENIOS.

You are already
using a chatbot?

Our VoiceBot Connector will give your bot a voice! TENIOS allows you to integrate your existing bot system into your telephone customer service.

By converting text to speech and using automatic speech recognition, your bot will be able to share its knowledge in speech dialogues as well.

You are offering telephone service and are new in bot business?

No problem. TENIOS will gladly support you in the setup of your VoiceBot and the following implementation into your service telephony.

The TENIOS VoiceBot Connector currently offers an interface to Dialogflow and RASA. Further integrations are already being planned.

Benefits of the TENIOS VoiceBot Connector

Flexible integration
within the call routing

Whether for pre-qualification or for solving the whole inquiry: With the VoiceBot Connector provided by TENIOS, bots can be used at any point of the call routing.

This allows you to switch between voice bot and agent during the call as required. Access and configuration is handled via the TENIOS Cloud.

Natural voice dialogues for an excellent customer experience

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) already ensures the optimal recognition of customer requests in several bot engines. This means that, in addition to standard concerns, increasingly complex questions can also be answered in the context of a conversation.

Real-Time communication
between customer and bot

The VoiceBot Connector supports synchronous processing. Continuous streaming of the dialogue allows a real-time transmission to the TENIOS Cloud.

How does the VoiceBot Connector work?

Bot and telephone service
connected by TENIOS

Bot and telephony are linked via open interfaces, APIs. The VoiceBot Connector is used as middleware and allows to access the bot engine of the desired provider. Currently, the integration of Dialogflow and RASA possible. The supply of interfaces to providers such as Amazon Lex and Microsoft Speech is planned.

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VoiceBots in customer service

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) has found its way into customer service. Chatbots are ubiquitous today and are already implemented on several corporate websites. While these are plain text-based, there are also AI solutions for telephone customer dialogue: So-called VoiceBots. Like chatbots, these are based on deep learning methods. With the help of machine learning, the bot learns continuously.

Voice control is very popular amongst customers. This is confirmed by the high number of users of voice assistants such as Google Home or Amazon's Alexa. Intelligent voice functions therefore also offer great potential in the area of telephone-based customer service and can lead to an increase in customer satisfaction. Numerous providers already offer their own voice solutions for customer service. The pioneer in this field is Google Dialogflow. The speech technology combines Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech and enables streaming in real time. Natural Language Understanding ensures the recognition of user requests and the extraction of relevant information. With the TENIOS VoiceBot Connector, you can integrate Dialogflow directly into your business telephony in the TENIOS Cloud. Dialog-oriented interfaces (APIs) make it easy to link the services.