• Clients’ requests pre-qualification
  • Helpline and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Order status notification or confirmation
  • Delivery notification or confirmation
  • Satisfaction survey


calls per second


Voicebot understands natural language which boost engagement


languages to talk
to your leads like a local

Optimize your customer support
processes with AI-Voicebot


In which industries will Voicebot be useful for customer service?

Voicebot in customer service can take care of pre-qualification of requests, FAQ, order status and delivery confirmations, notification of any kind and satisfaction surveys. Automation of these flows could be useful for a variety of industries including retail, e-commerce, e-learning, medical centres, delivery services and many more. Moreso, TENIOS Voicebot not only automates communication, but CRM management as well. Such optimization of processes improves customer experience, boosts team performance and optimises costs - what business wouldn’t benefit from this?

How long does it take to implement Voicebot?

It depends on the complexity of the solution you need. For example, our Voicebot with Basic Functionality can be implemented within a few days. With it you get editable basic templates, embedded speech synthesis and speech recognition toolkit, as well as webhooks, SMS triggered by action or answer, local phone number and basic reporting.

There’s also Professional AI Voicebot with conversational scenarios featuring multiple sequences of events/replies, renewable keyword vocabulary. Such Voicebot can work with rejections and negative reactions, features machine learning algorithms and comprehensive reporting. It can consult in multiple areas, understand multiple intents and its implementation may take from 3 to 5 weeks.

Can Voicebot be adapted to industries other than those mentioned?

TENIOS Voicebot is a fully customizable solution for automation. This automation is tailored to your goals as our experts can analyse your workflows and find what should be optimised. Then we can customise our platform to fit your project: from basic automation of voice & text notifications to complex solutions fully integrated with your IT system featuring AI-powered voicebot, smart reporting and workflow automation. Book a free consultation to learn more.

How much does this solution cost?

The cost will depend on the package you choose. We offer 2 variants - Voicebot with Basic

Functionality and Professional AI Voicebot. Also the cost depends on the number of contacts you want Voicebot to work with. You can find details on both packages as well as exact costs on our pricing page.

Does TENIOS provide support with Voicebot deployments?

We provide full support in implementation from idea to release: we do all the setting-up for you. Moreso, our expert team can help you choose AI-conversational solution from simple to complex one based on your problems, needs and business goals. Depending on the complexity of your business process we provide adaptation and integration of our solution into your specific business processes and ensure it becomes its integral part with smooth integration with your HRM/CRM system enabling seamless data and processes flow.

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