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One of our clients - delivery service - has calculated that processing 625 CVs with our Voicebot saved them 145 hours of work and as much as EUR 1670 EUR in 30 days.
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How did we calculate this?
  • The average salary for a Recruiter is €3250 per month in Germany according to GradJobs.
  • German workers work about 160 hours per month.
  • An hour of a recruiter’s work costs an employer 3250/160=20.3 euro.
  • 145 person-hours * 20.3 euro = 2943.5 euro in a month.


How much does this solution cost?

We offer 2 different packages and the cost depends on which package you choose and the number of contacts you want to process. The variant with templates - Voicebot with Basic Functionality - would cost starting from € 390 for 1000 contacts and integration. There’s also a Professional AI Voicebot with more comprehensive functionality. You can find details on both variants as well as the exact costs on our pricing page.

How long does it take to implement Voicebot?

It depends on which variant of AI-Voicebot you choose since we offer 2. First one with templates - Voicebot with Basic Functionality - can be implemented in just a few days. You get a fully functioning AI-Voicebot with editable script templates, speech synthesis and recognition, webhooks, SMS triggered by action/answer, local phone number and reporting.
In certain cases customers need something very customized and we provide that as well. There’s a custom pro version with conversational scenarios featuring multiple sequences of events/replies. Such Voicebot can consult in multiple areas, understand multiple intents and its implementation may take from 3 to 5 weeks.

Does TENIOS provide implementation support?

We provide full support from initial idea to the release of the project: we’ll set it all up for you. Moreso, our expert team provides initial analysis of your business workflows to ensure you get the optimum solution based on your problems, needs and goals. Depending on the complexity of your business process we provide adaptation and integration of our solution into your business processes and ensure smooth integration with your CRM system.

Can Voicebot replace a consultant?

Voicebot helps to automate repetitive tasks, e.g. frequently asked questions or order status confirmation. It can also automate CRM/HRM system management and reporting. This prevents real consultants from burning out and saves their time for tasks requiring more problem-solving and creative skills, like handling difficult client issues or consulting on uncommon questions. Such an approach increases the performance of your team.

How does vb know how to react? And what to say?

So, let’s imagine a situation, where a bank customer calls a support, complaining about their credit card, which is not working. There are different ways to talk about this issue:
- my card is not working;
- my card is blocked;
- I couldn’t make a payment;
- something is wrong with my card;
- why can’t I make a payment
and so on.

Voicebot can understand all these different variants, including interjections through intents. An intent is basically what the user wants or their intention. In this case the intent is the - ‘blocked card’. And all the different ways, in which the user can express it, are called the ‘training phrases’. In other words, they are the predicted phrases that the user may say.

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