SIP-telephony by TENIOS

Cloud business telephony – without hardware / software costs and innovative over all-IP.

SIP-telephony replaces and supplements the conventional business telephone via analogue or ISDN connections. In the future, you do not need your own telephone system or cost-intensive network technology. A conventional broadband internet connection is completely sufficient.
You can set-up new extensions and employees online via our web portal. Completely flexible, you can at any time add new connections or cancel unneeded ones. According to the "pay-as-you-go" model, you pay only for the number you actually need, without maintenance costs and long contract terms. SIP telephony is not only particularly favorable, but also easy and intuitive to use and around the clock. You pay only 5.00 € per phone number and 1 cent per minute (Germany landline).

Business sip-telephony can be easily and conveniently set up on the computer itself - without a technician or special expertise. All you need is a SIP-enabled phone such as SNOM or a so-called SIP softphone such as Zoiper or x-lite. You simply enter your SIP account data into the SIP telephone or softphone and you can start with the business telephony of tomorrow.


immediate set-up, hosted in Germany, highest data security


save up to 50 % according analog or ISDN-telephony


online via the Internet, whether in the office or on the road

100% CLOUD

no own telephone system hardware or technicians necessary

  • Prices Business-Voice SIP-Telephony
  • Set-up
    0,00 €
  • monthly fee
    0,00 €
  • numbers
    from 5,00 €
  • Rates
    0,01 €  Germany fixed
    0,04 € Germany mobile
    ab 0,02 € International
  • best voice quality
  • Hosted in Germany
  • free number porting
sip-trunking tenios


secure, with high speed and in the best voice quality

TENIOS offers telephone numbers in 5200 cities and 50.000 worldwide for 5,00 € per month. These numbers are connected to your SIP trunk. Your telephone system will forward the calls internally. In addition, you can set up further target points such as call centers, announcements or SIP trunks via our platform. When busy or inaccessible, calls are routed to these destinations.

Change your number to TENIOS, you do not need any new numbers, you can take your existing numbers with you. These numbers of eg Telekom, vodafone, versatel are ported to TENIOS. As a user, you are the owner of the phone number. Porting is performed without interruption or service failure.

international geographic numbers

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